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With the CASH-Interface2 you can connect coin acceptors of the type NRI G13 - NRI G18 - NRI G40 - EMP 800 - RM5 - MARS - MONEY CONTROLS C120 - AZKOYEN - MICROCOIN - FAGE - ICT or others, or bill acceptors of the type NV9 - NV10 - SMILEY - JCM - GBA I - GBA II - GBA HR1 - GBA ST1 - GBA ST2 - MEI - APEX - MATRIX - VECTOR - PYRAMID TRILOGY and others easily to the PC. You can also connect ALL devices which are supporting PARALLEL, PULSE or BINARY mode.

board size: 99.06 x 72.39 mm (fits into PCB holder)
Hint: ccTalk or MDB is not supported

Currently the following credit and smartcard systems can be connected:

credit card system Nayax cashless payments vpos
credit card system Ingenico pos solutions smart pos self-service
credit card system CCV InSync
credit card system Otiglobal cashless payment systems otipulse
credit card system Sacoa Debit Card, POS and Redemption System
credit card system USA Technologies ePort G9 und ePort G10-S

CASH-Interface2 Nayax Connection CASH-Interface2 Nayax Connection
PULSE-Adapter [Coin] PULSE-Adapter [Coin]

In addition you can control hoppers of the type Universal Hopper MK2, MK3 and MK4, Azkoyen U-II Hopper, Flow Hopper, NRI H2 Hopper, Cube Hopper MK2 intelligent, Evolution Hopper, Escendo Escalator Hopper, Excel Hopper, Rode-U-Hopper and others easily with the PC. You can connect ALL devices which are supporting PULSE mode. Furthermore you can control all note dispenser or card dispenser that support the hopper mode, e.g. ICT ND-300 , ICT CVD-300


cash-interface2 Simultaneous operation of a coin and bill validator as well as
  3x hopper.
cash-interface2 Works on the USB (with USB to Serial converter) or serial port.
cash-interface2 RS232 plug for direct connection to the mainboard via flat ribbon
cash-interface2 The interface is monitoring six channels + power supply.
  Using BINARY Mode there are i.e. 15 different bills and 31 different
  coins possible at the same time.
cash-interface2 The devices are disabled until the software activates them.
cash-interface2 The pinning of the connectors are designed for coin acceptors of the
  type NRI G13 - RM5 - EMP 800 - MEI CASHFLOW 330 and for bill
  acceptors of the type NV9 or NV10 - PYRAMID TRILOGY. We offer
  also specially wired connection cables or adapters for all other
  types, e.g. NRI G40 or GBA ST2.
cash-interface2 External coin sorter control via hopper full signal.
cash-interface2 Hopper full and empty signal detection.
cash-interface2 2 free useable inputs, e.g. to connect push buttons.
cash-interface2 2 free useable outputs, e.g. to connect lamps or other actuators.
  1 output as relay contact.
cash-interface2 Watchdog function, that means the acceptance is deactivated
  on errors.
cash-interface2 The control of the devices is done with simple commands.


Download CASH-Interface2 software version
This software package includes: Manual, example project for Delphi incl. sourcecode.

CASH-Interface2 - example program

PAD Factsheet

Download CASH-Interface2 keystroke edition

Keystroke Edition - version history
Latest Version:
Date: 27.09.2019

This software package includes: ci2.exe keystroke edition. The ci2.exe keystroke edition can send a keystroke on cash in, e.g. F6, to any program. The keystroke as well as the repeats can be adjusted for every coin and bill channel separately. Fixed selling price and pay out change via hopper possible. External control via separate remote.exe or sndmsg.exe and parameter possible.

With a CASH-Interface2 and the "keystroke edition" software it is possible to carry out a simple cash payment system for e.g. the Social Booth Photo Booth Software from Photo Booth Solutions, for the dslrBooth Photo Booth Software from dslrBooth, for the Breeze photo booth software, or Sparkbooth photo booth software, as well as other software you can control by keystrokes!

The ci2.exe keystroke edition software can even create a credits.txt file, that can be used by other software.

Using the price control feature the on board relays can be additionally controlled. The relays switches on for the adjusted time when the cost has been reached.

ci2.exe keystroke edition - CI2 settings

PAD Factsheet

PDF CASH-Interface2 online manual

PDF CASH-Interface2 manual [English]

Video CASH-Interface2 with USB to Seriell converter:

Digitus USB2Serial adapter driver win32-64

Having problems work thru this checklist, this should help to fix your issues!
  • If the COM port is open, the answer from the board with all settings must appear in the log. If not, there is something wrong with the connection to the CASH-Interface2, or simply the wrong COM port setting. Important: Check tight cable connections and the power supply is connected correctly. Using a USB to serial converter the correct COM port number can be found in the Windows device manager, see above video.

  • Check all cables if they fit tight.

  • Remove all extension cables, e.g. USB extension cord or USB hub.

  • Disconnect the power cable on the CI2, then connect it again.

  • If the connection to the CASH-Interface2 is working, but no cash is accepted, maybe the TotalBlocking function in the software is activated. The yellow LED on the board must lit to accept money. If coins or bills are rejected with illuminated ACTIVE LED, either the cable or the cash device itself is broken.

  • Use a different COM or USB plug on the PC, and replace all cables if problems still appear.

  • If the PC main board offers a free PCI Express slot, it is possible to add a cost-effective PCI Express serial card to have a pure COM port available.

  • A COM port can be opened only once, so be sure the COM port is not open by an other application.

  • Be sure the coin validator is placed horizontal so the device can measure correctly.

  • We figured out that some customers using a serial touch screen, the serial touch screen driver screws up all other Com ports, which results in communication errors with the CASH-Interface2. Try to get a USB controller for your touch screen and uninstall the serial touchscreen drivers. Visit the manufacturer website of the touch screen and download latest touch screen driver, but be sure to do not install serial drivers. A working 3M driver can be downloaded here: 3M touch screen driver win32-64

  • Check the log file for error messages, this gives you hints what exactly is the problem.

  • Check the power supply for the board.
    Measure the +5V (green LED) and +12V with a Voltmeter.

  • Sometimes it helps to completely uninstall the software via Windows control panel, and do a fresh install. Doing this visit the CI2 website to download the latest version.

HINT: You can not reprogram coin and bill validators with the CASH-Interface! To change validator settings the orginal programming software from the manufacturer is needed.

We offer PC kits for reprogramming GBA and NVx bill validators as well as RM5 coin validators in our WebShop.

Scope of supply CASH-Interface2:
- 1x CASH-Inteface2
- 1x DIN rail PCB holder
- 1x Flat ribbon cable for coin acceptor (10 pin, 0,7m)
- 1x Flat ribbon cable for bill acceptor (16 pin, 0,7m)
- 1x Flat ribbon cable for hopper (10 pin, 0,7m)
- 3x cable for IN and OUT (2 pin, 0,1m)
- 1x SUB-D cable for PC connection (9 pin, m/f, 1,8m)
- 1x cable for PC power supply (4 pin)
Price per piece: 79,95 EUR (plus VAT) WebShop


RM5 coin validator with front plate

RM5 coin validator with front plate
Various currency data sets available. Accepts up to 59 different coins or tokens. Channel 1-6 can be programmed by selfprog mode.

Weather-proof design available for outdoor use.

Price per piece: 129,95 EUR (plus VAT) WebShop


NV10 USB bill validator

NV10 USB bill validator
More than 60 currencies and multi currency data sets available.

Several front panels available.

Price per piece: 192,44 EUR (plus VAT) WebShop


Power supply +5V and +12V DC

Power supply 5V and 12V
Two voltages in one device. +5V DC for operating the CASH-Interface2 board, +12V DC for operating the load.

Price per piece: 22,95 EUR (plus VAT) WebShop


GBA bill validator to NV10 bill validator adapter

GBA bill validator to NV10 bill validator adapter Makes it possible to connect a GBA bill validator to the CASH-Interface via 16pol. flat ribbon cable (NV10 plug).

Or to connect GBA bill validator to a NV10 bill validator interface.

Price per piece: 9,95 EUR (plus VAT) WebShop



Hopper MK4 Adapter Makes it possible to connect MK2 / MK3 / MK4 / Evolution hoppers with "Chinch Connector" to the HOPPER-Interface via a 10pol. flat ribbon cable (Azkoyen plug)

With a jumper you can select hopper mode1 (LOGIC CONTROL) or hopper mode2 (COIN COUNTING). Jumper closed is mode1, jumper open is mode2. For +24V DC hopper it is possible to connect an external power supply. Manual

Price per piece: 15,00 EUR (plus VAT) WebShop


NRI G40 to NRI G13 Adapter

NRI G40 to NRI G13 Adapter Makes it possible to connect NRI G40 coin validator to the CASH-Interface via 10pol. flat ribbon cable (G13 plug). Manual

Price per piece: 9,95 EUR (plus VAT) WebShop


Note dispenser ND-300 Adapter

ND-300 Adapter Makes it possible to connect ND-300 note dispenser to the CASH-Interface2 via original ND-300 cable. The adapter can also be used to have one extra input and output for the CASH-Interface2, e.g. to be used with the photo booth system. Manual

Price per piece: 9,95 EUR (plus VAT) WebShop


Ready to use CASH-Interface2 software:

CI2 keystroke edition software
Kiosk timer software
Token vending machine software
Breeze photo booth cash control system
dslrBooth cash payment system


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