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internet cafe softwareinternet cafe softwareinternet cafe software

Kiosk timer internet cafe software

internet cafe softwareinternet cafe softwareinternet cafe software

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With the kiosk timer internet cafe software you can lock a terminal against unauthorized usage. The terminal is released by throwing in a coin. Furthermore special Windows key combinations remain deactivated, for example CTRL+ALT+DEL (task manager) or ALT+TAB, the task bar, etc.

Internet cafe terminal locked

As soon as a customer throws in money the station will unlock and a small status window displays the time still remaining. You can enter in the configuration program how much time per credit is scored. The connection of coin and bill acceptor is carried out via our CASH-Interface2 or with the coin validator pc adapter.

Kiosk timer As long as the user has credits he can surf thru the internet, write e-mails, or use installed programs like VideoPoker, terminal games or others. With the start of VideoPoker the kiosk timer submits the kiosk credits to the game. Finishing the game, remaining credits are submitted again to the kiosk timer.

The customer has the possibility of creating a user account. When a customer logged in with his user account he can stop his session at any time and login later again. Remaining Credits are stored on his account. The user accounts work also in a network, so the customer can login on every PC in the network where the kiosk timer is installed.

Kiosk Login

The kiosk timer internet cafe software supports also smartcards. The user account is stored on a smartcard and the customer can log in to the system by inserting the smartcard.

Kiosk time information The terminal will lock automatically if all credits are used up. When there is a remaining time of 60 seconds or less left, the display changes to red. Also a time information window is shown for 5 seconds and signals to insert more coins. During the last 15 seconds of time credits there is also a signal sound.

With the kiosk timer internet cafe software it is also possible to change directly the most important safety attitudes of the Internet Explorer. The user has no more access to the browser attitudes. The kiosk software also offers the possibility to deaktivate the whole task bar inclusive windows start button and the right mouse button (context menu). The user can launch only programs available on the desktop. Access to Windows settings is completely restricted.

Further Extras are e.g. key switch to open a service menu (noncash PayIn / PayOut),

Kiosk Service Menue

NetControl functionality, price attitudes, calculate printing, german or english user language, and many more...

Kiosk timer internet cafe software Admin area screenshots:

Main settings
Main settings
Coin + bill settings
Coin + bill settings
Credit codes settings
Credit codes settings
Print costs settings
Print costs settings
Security settings I
Security settings I
Security settings II
Security settings II
Security settings Explorer
Security settings Explorer
Security settings TrueCrypt
Security settings TrueCrypt
USB stick service
USB stick - service
Key switch service
Key switch - service
User management + smart card
User management + smart card
Dual screen settings
Dual screen settings
Run settings
Run settings
NetControl settings
NetControl settings
Kiosk log file
Kiosk log file
Kiosk bookkeeping
Kiosk bookkeeping
Kiosk webinterface
Kiosk webinterface
Kiosk barkeeper service
Kiosk barkeeper service

The kiosk timer internet cafe software is also available as economically lite version! Differences standard and lite edition:

Feature Standard Lite
CASH-Interface / Coin validator PC adapter X X
Credit codes X  
Credit code terminal function X  
Print costs X X
Security I + II + Explorer X X
Security TrueCrypt X  
USB stick X  
Key switch X  
User management X X
Smart cards + card manager software X  
Dual screen X  
Run programs on unlock X X
NetControl X  
Log file + bookkeeping X X

Download kiosk timer internet cafe software
Fully functional demo version

PAD Factsheet

NcClient - version history
Latest Version:
Date: 10.07.2018

+ new function
- fixed an error
* changed behavior

> Version (10.07.2018)
* latest AlphaSkins v13.16
* latest ssl dlls v1.0.2.15 included

> Version (09.04.2018)
+ Setup and all exe files are now digitally code signed
* latest AlphaSkins v13.05

> Version (28.03.2018)
* set shell fix for latest Win10 version
* Admintool set shell fix for latest Win10 version
* latest AlphaSkins v13.04

> Version (11.03.2018)
* latest AlphaSkins v13.02
* minor optimizations

> Version (09.01.2018)
* latest AlphaSkins v12.22
* latest Indy v10.6.2.5428
* latest ssl dlls v1.0.2.13 included
* minor optimizations

> Version (16.06.2017)
+ kioskstart.exe checks NcClient is running already
+ UninstallCleaner deletes also old registry RUN entries
* latest AlphaSkins v12.12
* latest Indy v10.6.2.5424
* latest ssl dlls v1.0.2.12 included

> Version (25.04.2017)
* latest AlphaSkins v12.06
* latest Indy v10.6.2.5413
* latest ssl dlls v1.0.2.11 included

> Version (07.02.2017)
+ Run TotalCommander via link
+ Run Network And Sharing Center via link
+ AdminTool set kioskstart.exe or explorer.exe as shell via link
* automatically refresh drive list box
* Autostart via kioskstart.exe only
* latest AlphaSkins v11.25
* latest Indy v10.6.2.5379
* auto login via "control userpasswords2" or "Login tool" only

> Version (09.11.2016)
* latest AlphaSkins v11.19

> Version (03.11.2016)
* latest Indy v10.6.2.5375
* latest ssl dlls v1.0.2.10 included
* minor optimizations

> Version (27.10.2016)
* NcClient must run as administrator again
* latest AlphaSkins v11.18
* minor optimizations

> Version (14.10.2016)
* latest AlphaSkins v11.17
* minor optimizations
+ new skin selector
+ Sound volume slider for barkeeper

> Version (03.10.2016)
- Fixed a problem with send hardware-id email
- Fixed a problem with spin edit
- Fixed a problem with backup file
* latest AlphaSkins v11.16
* latest Indy v10.6.2.5369
* latest ssl dlls v1.0.2.9 included

> Version (24.09.2016)
* USB stick for service menu optimized
* latest AlphaSkins v11.15
* latest Indy v10.6.2.5366

> Version (12.08.2016)
* latest AlphaSkins v11.12

> Version (08.08.2016)
* Start parameter optimized

> Version (28.07.2016)
* Shellexecute optimized

> Version (27.07.2016)
* Service login optimized
* latest AlphaSkins v11.11

> Version (05.07.2016)
* latest AlphaSkins v11.05
* latest Indy v10.6.2.5362

> Version (30.05.2016)
* latest AlphaSkins v11.02

> Version (24.05.2016)
* Small fixes and improvements

> Version (19.05.2016)
* latest AlphaSkins v11.01
* latest Indy v10.6.2.5360
* latest ssl dlls v1.0.2.8 included

> Version (18.05.2016)
+ removed new memory manager extension
* Small fixes and improvements

> Version (07.05.2016)
+ added new memory manager extension
* eureka log settings improved
* latest AlphaSkins v10.29

> Version (19.04.2016)
+ Manually backup ncclient.ini
+ Log NcClient bootstart
* latest AlphaSkins v10.28
* Small fixes and improvements

> Version (04.04.2016)
- fixed backup path for user database
* latest AlphaSkins v10.27
* latest Indy v10.6.2.5353
* Small fixes and improvements

> Version (15.03.2016)
+ new Windows Info page, e.g. showing user is admin
+ added run userpasswords2 command to set auto logon
* new impersonate function working on Win7 up
* changed read and write access for data files
- fixed disable/enable startup repair

> Version (09.03.2016)
* load user database only when needed
* optimized backup of user database
* removed user Service from user database
* removed user Barkeeper from user database
* latest ssl dlls v1.0.2.7 included
* latest Indy v10.6.2.5344
* Small fixes and improvements

> Version (18.02.2016)
* latest AlphaSkins v10.26
* latest Indy v10.6.2.5342

> Version (15.02.2016)
* latest ssl dlls v1.0.2.6 included
* latest Indy v10.6.2.5339

> Version (10.02.2016)
* Default installations path is now c:\NcClient
   because of write permission problems in "program files" directory
* all data files stored now in COMMON_APPDATA directory
* latest AlphaSkins v10.25

> Version (01.02.2016)
+ Kiosk mode set UAC to level 4 => Never notify

> Version (25.01.2016)
+ Start as Windows Shell optimized
+ HotKey PANIC adjustable
+ Disable WINDOWS key via key mapping
+ Enable/Disable F8 Advanced Boot Options
+ Enable/Disable Windows Startup Repair
+ Admintool => Enter NcClient license manually
+ Admintool => Close kioskstart
+ Admintool => Show/Hide taskbar
+ Kioskstart => disable taskbar
- fixed double log entry for cash in if games not installed
* Using COIN-Adapter, log shows COIN-Adapter instead of CASH-Interface
* Icon 48x48 included
* small optimizations
* latest Indy v10.6.2.5335

> Version (03.01.2016)
+ HotKey SERVICE adjustable
+ HotKey BARKEEPER adjustable
+ HotKey PAYOUT adjustable
+ Disable ALT key
+ Force task bar
+ kioskstart.exe => force disable task bar
- fixed drive access view
* small optimizations
* latest 7za.dll
* latest AlphaSkins v10.23
* latest Indy v10.6.2.5319

> Version (11.12.2015)
+ Windows 10 compatible
* small optimizations
* latest AlphaSkins v10.22
* latest Indy v10.6.2.5317

> Version (28.10.2015)
* data file only opened once
* small optimizations
* latest Indy v10.6.2.5313

> Version (21.10.2015)
+ barkeeper run games button on/off
+ set keyswitch pay in value
- keyswitch LPT payout fixed
- keyswitch LPT bk games fixed
* kiosk key switch off on games start
* latest AlphaSkins v10.19
* small optimizations

> Version (17.10.2015)
+ User SPECIAL can have different password
   and can be completely deactivated
+ SERVICE menu "Run Games" button
* New LOCKED sound
* New add credits sound
* latest Indy v10.6.2.5309

> Version (12.10.2015)
* small optimizations
* latest AlphaSkins v10.18
* latest Indy v10.6.2.5307

> Version (15.09.2015)
* optimized source code
* latest AlphaSkins v10.16
* latest Indy v10.6.2.5303

> Version (28.07.2015)
+ Credit code terminal function,
   user can buy and print out credit codes
* latest AlphaSkins v10.14

> Version (20.07.2015)
* latest ssl dlls v1.0.2.4 included
* latest AlphaSkins v10.13

> Version (16.07.2015)
* optimized set shell feature
* optimized execute command feature
* new kioskstart.exe supports own background graphic
* latest AlphaSkins v10.12

> Version (07.07.2015)
- fixed NcClient prevents Windows shutdown
* latest Indy v10.6.2.5284
* latest ssl dlls v1.0.2.3 included
* small optimizations

> Version (05.07.2015)
* hide recycle bin W7/W8
* latest Eurekalog v7.2.5.0
* small optimizations

> Version (28.06.2015)
* credit codes file encoded
* latest Indy v10.6.2.5282
* small optimizations

> Version (16.06.2015)
* latest AlphaSkins v10.11
* small optimizations Win8.1

> Version (08.06.2015)
* latest AlphaSkins v10.06
* latest Indy v10.6.2.5277
* optimized RunOnBoot

> Version (31.05.2015)
* latest AlphaSkins v10.05

> Version (07.04.2015)
* latest AlphaSkins v10.02
* latest Indy v10.6.2.5270
* latest ssl dlls v1.0.2.1 included

> Version (17.03.2015)
* latest AlphaSkins v10.01
* latest Indy v10.6.2.5266

> Version (25.02.2015)
* latest AlphaSkins v10.00

> Version (20.02.2014)
+ msconfig link
+ Autostart on Win8 and above via kioskstart.exe only
+ HotKey games adjustable
* format date and time, using always hh:nn:ss
* WinLock optimized
* NetControl error reconnect timer set to 15 sec.
* latest AlphaSkins v9.20
* latest Indy v10.6.2.5259
* latest ssl dlls v1.0.2.0 included

> Version (28.01.2015)
* Autologon W7/8 tool included

> Version (21.01.2015)
- cardmanager.exe fix
* SCard wrapper setup included

> Version (02.01.2015)
- key update games using truecrypt container
- auto logon W7/8 netplwiz link

> Version (17.12.2014)
* because of anti virus false alert removed
   using windows shutdown instead
* latest AlphaSkins v9.19

> Version (07.12.2014)
* latest Indy v10.6.1.5218
* latest ssl dlls v1.0.1.10 included
* RUN open dialog stay on top

> Version (22.11.2014)
+ Wait if user database is locked
- Keep path if user database does not exists
- Keep path if credit code file does not exists
* Separate backup file user database with date + time
* latest AlphaSkins v9.18

> Version (18.08.2014)
- log off and create user, user already exists message shown on top

> Version (04.08.2014)
* latest ssl dlls included
* latest Indy v10.6.0.5162
* new setup routine
* small optimizations Win8.1

> Version (21.07.2014)
* Hide button (without LOCK)
* latest AlphaSkins v9.12

> Version (15.04.2014)
+ added new ssl dlls

> Version (20.03.2014)
- fixed log-on delay CI2
+ EMP protection CI2
* small optimizations

> Version (06.03.2014)
* latest AlphaSkins v9.00
* small optimizations

> Version (11.02.2014)
- fixed COIN-Adapter open port

> Version (19.01.2014)
* New "ignore login state" setting

> Version (19.01.2014)
* small optimizations showing password dialogue

> Version (17.01.2014)
* small optimizations

> Version (23.12.2013)
+ AdminTool https
* latest AlphaSkins v8.52

> Version (20.12.2013)
* small optimizations using NcClient as a smart card terminal
+ CardManager IN + OUT data upload for web-interface
+ CardManager IN + OUT data stored for web-interface
+ CardManager user login=true state detection
- CardManager double-click user to change login state

> Version (18.12.2013)
* small optimizations

> Version (05.12.2013)
* latest AlphaSkins v8.51
* small optimizations

> Version (29.11.2013)
- Log-off on smart card remove
* latest AlphaSkins v8.50

> Version (19.11.2013)
* latest AlphaSkins v8.49
* small optimizations

> Version (22.10.2013)
* latest AlphaSkins v8.47
* small optimizations

> Version (14.08.2013)
* Allow screen saver in LOCKED mode

> Version (06.08.2013)
+ games kiosk timer setting

> Version (23.07.2013)
* small optimizations

> Version (18.07.2013)
* Run NetControl optimized

> Version (11.07.2013)
- fixed shut-down time and backup time if time format is not hh:mm:ss

> Version (03.07.2013)
+ Printer line-space setting
+ Barcode width + height settings
+ Barcode human readable setting
* latest AlphaSkins v8.41

> Version (25.06.2013)
+ Printer payout with barcode
+ delete credit code by right mouse click in credit code list
+ delete credit code in barkeeper service window
+ added starter.exe
+ added web-interface upload for credit code file and user database
- fixed user login for barkeeper
* barkeeper service tab always visible
* optimized run of online starter
* HotKey CTRL+ALT+C only active if activated, needed when using starter.exe

> Version (11.06.2013)
- fixed re-map ESC and DEL on XP

> Version (11.06.2013)
+ disable "ESC", map ESC to LEFT SHIFT => prevents CTRL+SHIFT+ESC for Task manager
* disable Task manager for HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE and HKEY_CURRENT_USER
* new background picture for LOCKED mode, uses back.bmp in NcClient folder
* security functions are working without enabling the "Use WinLock" checkbox
- fixed a double "" when set a shell where complete path contains SPACES

> Version (09.06.2013)
+ online check SSL compatible, https URL supported
+ online key update SSL compatible, https URL supported
+ online key update is checked and done if activated with every bk upload
+ bk upload SSL compatible, https URL supported
* latest AlphaSkins v8.35

> Version (13.05.2013)
- fixed a protection problem when you add credits to the kiosk
- fixed backup function for ncclient.ini

> Version (06.05.2013)
* ForceForegroundWindow for every Login window
* Barkeeper Login screen removed maximize, minimize window
* All windows default monitor changed from desktop to primary
- fixed lose focus in create new user window

> Version (26.04.2013)
+ Debug log shows every ShellExecute + result on error
* Forms are always repainted on show
* Removed the X button to prevent close NcClient via barkeeper
* added smart card activated check
* added multimedia system check
- Fixed minimize timer window setting
- Fixed CI2 bookkeeping if coin and bill have same values

> Version (23.04.2013)
* added com port exists check for:
* added SmartCard reader connected check
* optimized Socket connection to NetControl
- fixed start of CardManager

> Version (18.04.2013)
+ added version history file
+ added key-switch panic button com port pin 1

Scope of supply kiosk timer internet cafe software lite edition:
- Kiosk timer software
Price per piece: 19,95 EUR WebShop


Scope of supply kiosk timer internet cafe software standard edition:
- Kiosk timer software
Price per piece: 49,95 EUR WebShop


Scope of supply COIN-Package 3:
- Coin validator PC adapter
- Flat ribbon cable for coin validator (10pol., 0,8m)
- SUB-D cable for PC connection (9pol., m/f, 1,8m)
- Y-cable for PC power supply (4pol.)
- Kiosk timer software (Lite version single license)
Price per piece: 44,95 EUR WebShop


Scope of supply COIN-Package 4:
- Coin validator PC adapter
- Flat ribbon cable for coin validator (10pol., 0,8m)
- SUB-D cable for PC connection (9pol., m/f, 1,8m)
- Y-cable for PC power supply (4pol.)
- Kiosk timer software (Lite version single license)
- Coin validator RM5 incl. front panel
Price per piece: 144,95 EUR WebShop


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