8 Channel Digital IN/OUT Module
CASH-Interface MC8 "Update"
Hard- and Software development

8 Channel Digital IN/OUT Module

8 Channel Digital IN/OUT Module

The 8 channel digital IN/OUT module offers 8 digital input channels and 8 digital output channels. The IO board can be used to control electrical devices, e.g. heaters, vans, pumps, valves, solid-state relays and other power equipment for home automation as well as industrial automation applications.

For example we use this board to control a illuminated push button panel in our slot machines. Send us your inquiry

CASH-Interface MC8 "UPDATE"

CASH-Interface MC8 credit board

New "single payout" setting allows to use the board for vending machines. As long as the user has credits he can select hopper (or dispenser) 1-3 by push button.

Ideal for money changer, token dispenser, vending machines, game equipment, internet cafés, solarium, car wash plants, automatic washing machines, copy machines, and so on. Everywhere usable where time or price sale or goods sale needs to be done automated.

Hard- and Software development

Hard- and Software development bksoft has many years of experience in successfully developing custom software, as well as in the implementation of hardware solutions, up to developing individual printed circuit board layouts and micro controller controls.

In the area of software development, we implement Windows and web solutions based on the programming languages Delphi as well as PHP, HTML, Javascript and their frameworks. We do PCB layouts with Eagle and micro controller programming with Bascom.

We realize our own projects which are marketed as products, and we do projects for clients where we put the customer requirements into reality. In this case we will advise you on the possibilities and work together meaningful ways to the realization.

We offer a variety of pricing models, starting with the calculation on an hourly basis, investment models up to fixed price listings, depending on the nature and scope of the project. The same applies to the granting of rights of use and sharing of source code.

The use of current and standardized technologies ensures that the developed solutions are contemporary and durable. Do you have a request for which you would like to get the right hardware or software solution? Send us your inquiry

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