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CASH-Package MC8

  • CASH-Package MC8
    Universally usable credit board. Works without PC because it is microcontroller controlled. As time, price or money changer control useable.

    Ideal for vending machines, fruit machines, game equipment, internet cafes, solarium, money changer, car wash plants, automatic washing machines, copy machines, payout token e.g. on a camping site, aso. Everywhere useable where time or price sale or goods sale needs to be done automatedly.

    Scope of supply CASH-Package MC8:
    Scope of supply CASH-Package MC8

    - CASH-Inteface MC8 on DIN rail PCB holder
    - LCD Display 162 + LCD Display Adapter + LCD frame
    - 1x Flat ribbon cable for bill acceptor (16pol., 0,8m)
    - 1x Flat ribbon cable for coin acceptor (10pol., 0,8m)
    - 1x Flat ribbon cable for LCD Display (10pol., 0,4m)
    - 3x Flat ribbon cable for hopper (10pol., 0,8m)
    - 1x Cable for relais output (2pol., 0,6m)
    - 1x cable for nonlocking key or switch (2pol., 0,6m)
    - 4x cable for nonlocking key or switch (2pol., 0,25m)

    HINT: If you do not have +5V and +12V power supply you need an extra separate external external power supply

    Power supply 5V/12V DC
    OLED Display 162 GE
    UNIVERSAL HOPPER MK2 / MK3 / MK4 Adapter
    Note dispenser ND-300 Adapter
    GBA bill validator to NV10 bill validator adapter

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