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With the LCD display adapter it is possible to connect standard LCD displays via 10pol. flat ribbon cable, and operate the display in 4bit mode.

Inclusive contrast control, as well as LED backlight resistor. Because of the pinout of the LED backlight supply to the left and right side of the plug, it is possible to use the adapter for different LCD displays. The data lines DB0-DB3 are set to GND by default. The pinout of the plug is standardized.

LCD Display Adapter

10pol. plug:

Pin1 - LCD DB7
Pin2 - LCD DB6
Pin3 - LCD DB5
Pin4 - LCD DB4
Pin5 - not used
Pin6 - LCD enable
Pin7 - LCD read/write
Pin8 - LCD register select
Pin9 - GND
Pin10 - +5V

18pol. plug for direct LCD connection:

Pin1 - LCD LED cathode
Pin2 - LCD LED anode
Pin3 - GND
Pin4 - +5V
Pin5 - LCD contrast
Pin6 - LCD register select
Pin7 - LCD read/write
Pin8 - LCD enable
Pin9 - LCD DB0
Pin10 - LCD DB1
Pin11 - LCD DB2
Pin12 - LCD DB3
Pin13 - LCD DB4
Pin14 - LCD DB5
Pin15 - LCD DB6
Pin16 - LCD DB7
Pin17 - LCD LED anode
Pin18 - LCD LED cathode

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LCD display adapter

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